How to Have Healthy Skin And Hair

A healthy diet does not only make you feel good, it will also make you look good and that is why we must know how to have healthy skin and hair .Beauty is not just skin deep, it comes from within. Glowing skin and hair can be yours once again even if you are getting older in years. The problem is that most of us don’t know what actions to take, and therefore stumble along blindly without getting any results. Most people look for results, starting from the outside-in. An example of this is using expensive wrinkle reduction creams and special shampoos. Although this action is not bad, it certainly does not correct the internal conditions that cause the effects of aging.

A well balanced diet will supply the proper nutrients to the skin and hair, resulting in a healthier appearance. You can actually observe this by looking at people. Those who aren’t properly nourished, or are dehydrated, tend to have deeper lines at an earlier age due to a lack of elasticity in their skin. The skin has a dull look to it as well. Many times the face will have a dry look, and makeup appears as a mask because the skin is absorbing the makeup as a result of being “thirsty”. Many will have dry, thinning hair due to a lack of protein

Everything about your appearance starts on the inside of your body. The appearance of your hair, nails and skin are strongly connected to your overall health. So the first part of how to get healthy skin naturally involves taking care of your overall health. Eat right and exercise regularly. Drinking lots of water goes a long way when it comes to having healthy skin. Water helps to flush out the pores and leave your skin softer and brighter. Working out on at least a semi-regular schedule will also help your skin clear itself of dirt and impurities.

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By Jane Lovely

Dry Skin Acne

There is no one type of skin that can get acne , people with all skin types can get acne from oily skin acne to dry skin acne there really is no difference in between the two when it comes to breakouts. Its a fact that acne affects dry skin as well as oily skin. The most common skin type is not the extreme dry or oily type, but combination skin.

It is always a good idea to consult your doctor or a dermatologist to get the best advice for your skin type and type of acne you are suffering from. Every one’s skin is different so when look for the best way to take care of your dry skin acne you must first do your research about what best suits your skin. It is very important to be aware when we use products such as skin cleansers and topical medication, take note of the side effects. Many of the single-use sterile pads have a lot of alcohol in them. The alcohol is there to kill germs and bacteria on your skin, but it can also cause excessive drying out. Alcohol and similar ingredients are good at removing oil that blocks your pore.

In order for us to treat dry skin acne it is best to watch what you use and aim for natural treatments where possible. Benzoyl Peroxide is a common over the counter treatment that you can get, but that will dry your skin out badly. Avoid it if you have dry skin acne and aim for more natural treatments instead. Exfoliation is a necessary part of treating acne so try to get that out of the way in the morning and only use a mild exfoliant, then apply cream moisturizer liberally afterwards ,not the waxy type of moisturizer that can clog pores.

One of the better treatments to help with dry acne is Avocado Oil . It is a rich source of vitamins, fatty acids and essential proteins. Not only does it provide all the nutrition and moisture to the skin, it also helps in regenerating and rejuvenating the already damaged skin. I use it daily along with a routine of things that I do in combat my dry skin acne problems and it works great.

Heres a great video on how to avoid having dry skin acne


Beauty Routine

Having a beauty routine is a must for a woman to not have beauty routines would be like a man not having basic grooming routines. An unkempt woman who has not taken care of herself will make a negative impression and hurt herself on the job and dating market. Developing a beauty care routine is a smart move, and should be considered necessary. Make sure you come up with a routine that is doable on a daily basis. Women whose current routines are too involved and time-consuming should reconsider them and streamline.

To have a beauty routine doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Though you might be tempted to give into the hype and purchase that $100 face cream you have been hearing so much about, you can attain equally great results with products that cost a fraction of what pricey department or specialty retail store brands cost.

Beauty products have become one of the fastest selling products in the world. They range from skin care products to even false eyelashes. You can find tips and suggestions on how to improve your appearance and make you beautiful. Skin changes with the seasons. Those people with the dry skin may suffer from blotchy in winter when humidity is low and indoor heating further dries it out. If you have dry skin, you should drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizer every day.

Heres a great inforgraphic on a beauty routine that you can do at home

beauty routine


How To Rejuvenate Your Skin

how to rejuvenate your skin Learning how to rejuvenate your skin fast is some that is on the mind of many people who want to look there best the way you look outside is reflection of how you have treat your body. However, have you been wondering how to rejuvenate your skin and rid those ugly wrinkles on your forehead quickly and effectively. There are a plenty of products out there that claim that they can help you rejuvenate your skin but don’t really stand up to the hype.

There are so many anti aging products out there in the market nowadays. It is important you are able to distinguish which one is right for you. One of the most effective anti aging skin care tips I can give you is to look for natural ingredients that can give your skin a makeover.

Taking care of your aging skin requires more than using just a simple moisturizer or skin care cream, you need to use the right anti aging skin care creams and also change some unhealthy habits that may be harming your skin. Some of  first thing that you need to do is to start eating healthy foods full of nutrients that your skin needs, most people don’t pay attention to this, but the health of the skin comes from the inside out.

How to rejuvenate your skin can be done but you must learn your skin type and what works best for you and your body. A important step in choosing the right anti aging cream, there are a lot of creams in the market that promise to rejuvenate your skin, but you have to be careful because most of them contain harsh chemicals that are not healthy for your skin and can dry it. What is consider a better option is to look for and use natural creams with organic ingredients are the best option, they are safe to use and they heal your skin from the inside out.

That where Broda Skincare Acne System works well. What is Broda ?

Broda® is a revolutionary acne treatment product developed by leading scientists in the industry. It is specially formulated with 2% salicylic acid (BHA) in a clear and transparent alcohol-free hydrogel with sustained release. It forms a hydrating invisible patch without dryness, peeling or flaking. It is even mild enough for sensitive skin. Unlike other acne treatment products, the active ingredient is presented uniformly at molecular level in the award winning supramolecular hydrogel delivery system1 that enhances product efficacy, and makes the product safer, milder and highly effective.

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how to rejuvenate your skin

Some of the benefits & features are :

  • Revolutionary anti-acne formula
  • Milder & highly effective
  • Clears most acne pimples
  • Eliminates blackheads & whiteheads
  • Helps prevent future acne breakouts
  • Water-based & alcohol-free
  • Clear without white blotches
  • Won’t dry your skin

Getting clear and beautiful skin is very possible with amazing cream , and with so many success story beside using it my self. I know and testify that Broda skin care work to help you clear you your acne and rejuvenate your skin . A natural skin rejuvenator renews the skin from the inside and reverses the aging process, thereby giving a lasting result; where as surgery and other superficial skin treatments like Botox and laser resurfacing only work on the surface without dealing with the real causes of aging.

Using the best skin cream ingredients is only the first step toward rejuvenating your skin. Another and equally important one is to use the products properly and consistently. This cream really works in aid a healthy looking skin.

Heres what others have to say:

I saw an incredible improvement in my skin.

“Not only does this works amazingly to clear up my acne but since it’s clear, unlike other acne products that are milky white, I can use it in the morning under my makeup without worrying about it drying up and forming white blotches on my skin.”

Ashley, New York, NY

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Keep Skin Healthy

keep skin healthyTaking care of your self and your skin is a daily routine , there are alot of information out that shows how to keep skin healthy . Looking your best is at the forefront of our everyday liven , you see it on T.V and on every corner news stand magazine . But to keep skin healthy we have to find out what is the best for our face and body . Because every one of us is different and what may work for one will not necessarily work for another we should make sure to do the due diligents  to find out what works best.

Below is a great Infographic about just that .

keep skin healthy

Skin Fitness

skin fitnessI know that alot think about our skin fitness a glowing, radiant and fresh skin shows that the body is healthy. On the other hand, a poor, dull and dry skin reflects one’s poor health condition. However, not a lot of people think that a healthy skin is also essential. Generally, people think that showering once a day is more than enough and will help keep the skin healthy and disease free. However, it is not enough. You need to have a proper diet to have a healthy skin texture.

Having healthy skin is essential as far as skin care is concerned. When it comes to having healthy skin not many people are aware of the fact that creams, skin lotions and gels are all having a limit in nourishing your skin and giving it proper care and appeal. It is always better to understand the natural and simple ways to achieve this.

A mixture of natural lifestyle choices like having foods good for skin fitness, avoiding junk food, taking dietary supplements, and other anti aging products could help in slowing down skin aging to some extent. A lot of people are not aware of simple anti aging tips that can effectively decrease aging. Many anti aging tips are about straightforward things like avoiding sugar and caffeine from your diet plan, limiting the amount of calories consumed, exercising daily and so forth. A diet that aids deceleration of the aging process comprises of foods, nutrients, and minerals that can help prevent aging and can also reverse it from within. Eating raw fruits and vegetables high in nutrients can be one of the most excellent options to get good outcomes in looking and feeling younger, which can help you gain better health as well.

Heres a great except from a article on webmd:

Ask any working mom, “How are you?” and you’re likely to hear “Tired!” That’s certainly true for O’Brien, mom to toddler Avery. “I am always tired no matter how much sleep I get,” she says, “and I never wake up feeling refreshed.”

O’Brien and her husband, Paul, also have two other sweet but unruly “kids,” dogs Finnegan and Diesel, who keep the couple on their toes. There’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done, she says, especially when it comes to cooking and working out. 

“I’m always running out of ideas for healthy meals (and exercise routines) that don’t require a ton of time.” But perhaps one of the most nagging health issues is her skin. “I still get breakouts regularly!” O’Brien says. “On top of that, my skin is starting to lose elasticity.”

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Skin fitness is an overall life change and focus , we need to be aware of the things that we are eating as well as drinking so that we get the best skin possible . Our fitness effect our skin and when we don’t take care of our self on the inside it shows on the outside . So we must change our way of life and health in order to have beautiful lovely skin.

By Jane Lovely


Perfect Skin

perfect skinWe would all love to have perfect skin, however having flawless skin is indeed difficult. Every woman knows the importance of vibrant skin, having skin that is not perfect or close to perfect is something that can make you feel less confident. Some people are born with great looks but for the most of us, getting flawless skin means work.

You must feed your body properly. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and as such it is greatly affected by what you eat and drink. This is just one more reason to take care to eat whole foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables. Grapes and blueberries are especially beneficial, as they contain compounds that reduce the negative effects of free radicals. Fish oil supplements also contain ingredients that work to help reverse some of the damage that is done to your skin when exposed to everyday pollutants and weather.

In nourishing your body, don’t forget hydration. The more water you drink, the clearer your skin will be. Water helps to keep your skin supple and maintain the structural integrity of its elastin. Most doctors recommend that everyone drink at least 6 to 8 large glasses every day of the week, and very few of us get that much.

So for us to have beautifully skin we need to pay attention to our health and happiness as well as our skin, as they are all entwined. The fact is, our skin will show our bad eating habits, our digestion problems, our stress and our unhappiness. If you truly want a perfect skin, you must take these areas of your life in consideration.

Achieving very smooth skin is also possible if you keep your skin properly hydrated. Using a natural hydrating mask along with drinking lots of water daily will help to get rid of those toxins that build up in your body and help to make your skin smooth and supple. It seems perfectly natural at the outset to believe claims that encourage the use of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid on your skin as perfect skin tips. It is the loss of collagen and elastin due to gradually declining production rates, and the enzyme driven breakdown of your hyaluronic acid that are the major reasons that wrinkle form on your skin. Replenishing these substances makes perfect sense.

It is not that you do not need to replace the firming substances you have lost over the years, but the way you are being advised to do it that is the problem. Applying a topical ointment containing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid compounds will do your skin absolutely no good at all. The fact is that these substances are too dense for your skin to be able to absorb them.

It is a common knowledge that eating nutritious food can give you essential nutrients that will benefit your skin. For instance, green tea is among those that are high in antioxidants. This protects your skin from harmful free radicals by eradicating them. There really are a lot more reasons why you should seek out perfect skin tips. The better your skin looks the better you will feel and the more you will attract people to you.

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Tips For Great Skin

tips for great skin Learn the tips for great skin and the daily routine that we  all must do for great skin is a must when you want to look your best , so  knowing how to maintaining a healthy and glowing skin all through your life is something we must know . As you grow older, your body’s natural skin care mechanisms become weaker. So taken care of your skin is about  learning your body and responding to the changing needs of your skin. Thus, care about your skin is about constantly evaluating, analyzing and changing your skin care routines. Your skin care routine should change based on the environmental conditions, your age and changes in your skin type.

Great skin tips and practices include things like applying the moisturizers while the skin is damp, using upward strokes for better penetration of skin care products, removing the make up before going to bed, cleansing before moisturizing or applying make up, using the correct amount of skin care products, etc. Thus, increasing the effectiveness of your skin care products is another focus area of serious skin care.

Knowing your skin type is one of the most important skin care tip. This is important because not every skin care product suits everyone. In fact, all the skin care products specify the type of skin they cater too.
‘Drink a lot of water’. This will not keep your skin moist but will help in overall upkeep of your health (and in turn your skin). It might seem a bit awkward to some, however, this is an important skin care tip.


Here a great infographic on tips for great skin




tips for great skin

How To Get Smooth Skin

There are so many elements that can affect your skin and take a toll on how we look , learning how to get smooth skin is essential to having beautifully clear skin. Silky smooth skin has a luxurious feel to it and is extremely sensual and sexy looking , the tone and the feel of healthy looking skin is what every women wants. Having smooth skin consist of a daily routine that should be consistent. Skin care always begins with keeping your face clean even though you may or may not do it you should clean your face at least twice a day in order to fight off acne, blushes . It won’t stop every pimple that may appear  but this will help in keeping your skin looking gorgeous.

Taking care of our skin has to be a regular daily chore. Most in their teen years don’t give this much thought, but those that keep their skin clean and use a moisturizer every day will have better skin going into their adult life’s . Once you get into your forties, your skin care will be more delicate , but its a good foundation  that will help you  all the way  through the decades.
For us to learn how to get smooth skin , we have to know the types of skin that we have.The four skin types, which are normal, oily, sensitive, dry,  require proper skin care recommendations, as each type has different reactions with various skin enhancement treatments and products.

Below are professional skin care recommendations for each type of skin conditions that will best guide beauty-conscious individuals on choosing which beauty tips, treatments, and products will work best for their skin type:

1. Dry skin
When your skin is dry, it basically needs a lot of thorough care, for it is very sensitive to irritation, facial lines, and flaking. You should focus on keeping your face properly moisturized. Skin care products containing natural ingredients are the highly recommended product treatments for dry skin. Perfect examples of these natural skin care products are the ones with extra-virgin, coconut oil, and shea butter ingredients.

Washing the face with herbal infusion and cleansing milk is a better way of cleaning the face instead of using tap water. Remember that your dry skin will look smoother and healthier if proper care and maintenance are practiced.

2. Oily skin
Oily skin needs to be frequently hydrated and oil free. If you happen to have an oily skin, you must wash your face at least two to three times a day. Regular treatments for acne are also a must. As for recommended skin care products, a mild soap and moisturizer are perfect for oily skin. Masks are also great moisturizing options for their hydrating and drying ingredients. It is best to apply such facial mask once or twice a week to keep the face well hydrated.

3. Normal skin
Lucky are those gifted with normal skin as it is the least problematic type. However, a normal skin feature still needs to be regularly moisturized, nourished, and cleansed. Top recommended treatment for natural skin is washing the face with rose water or an alcohol-free astringents. Moisturizers for this type of skin condition should be mild and non-greasy. Always wash your face before going to bed, using a mild soap, then finishing it off with a  nourishing cream.

4. Sensitive skin
A sensitive skin is probably the most complicated skin type. It needs constant and thorough care as it is always irritated and dry. If you have a sensitive skin, maintain a steady consumption of yogurt, protein, and fatty acids.


By Jane Lovely




Clear Skin Diet

clear skin dietTo have that amazing look, we have to know what it takes to be on a clear skin diet. There are so many solution for acne and dark spots an what ever else we can find over the counter . That we really don’t realize how just by changing our diet we can also get healthier looking skin too. Just like everything else that we do to feel good , liking shopping for that new hot outfit. So we look great on the outside , you have to take care of your insides as well . By eating the right  for foods for our diet and health,  it will give us the  clear skin that we are looking for .

A must for the clear skin diet , even though it is not a diet is to get you beauty sleep. You need at least 7 uninterrupted restful sleeping to help keep you skin looking gorgeous. We live in such a fast pace world that for us to get any rest at all is wonderful, but we must get to bed early enough to give the body what it needs to stay healthy. It is said that our stress levels increase when we don’t get the full nights rest that is required for our body and brain to operate the right way. Which then leads to it showing up on skin and most noticeable our face so get your rest, It will benefit your skin fitness .

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We also must incorporate a workout plan , to help us get healthy clear skin. I know you really don’t want to go to the gym or lift weights , but you don’t have to there are many different ways that you can workout without have to do those things . Like a spin class, dancing , walking, aerobics or lite Cardio work . Anyone of these activity will work wonders on your skin , do keep in mind that sweat from exercise can also lead to breakouts and skin irritation for some people with sensitive skin . Because of the sweat on the clothing and the toxins that are being released . So it is a good idea to make sure that you shower after you sweat and moisturize that sexy skin of yours.

Another great tip for a clear skin diet , is to …?  You guessed it drink your water daily , There are so many benefits to water that I can’t even say it all on this post . But just by drinking 8 cups of water or 1 liter of the big bottle of any water of your chosen will have your skin glowing with sexy appeal. It will flush out your body of all of the toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside out .

Make sure that you are cleansing and exfoliating daily , because the skin grows as we are living beings and it needs to be maintained in the right way.  It is said that dry skin has tiny cracks in which bacteria can breed, plus excessive flaking can lead to clogged oily pores that will then become a breakout or something worst. So by keeping a clear skin diet we can avoid some of these things from happening.

Below are a list of some of the health foods that will  keep your skin beautiful.

1. Oily fish like salmon or tuna

2. Almonds

3.Orange juice

4.Sunflower seeds

5.Raspberries and Chia seeds

Those are just a few of the best foods to help your clear skin diet on track .


By Jai