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Looking great ever time that we step out of the house takes work . Our skin health is one of the most important things to think about because it is the first thing that everybody sees. We find our selfs looking in the mirror several times before we leave our house or apartment . When looking for the best in health care for our skin we must also know what is the better option in skin health, no skin type is equal . Every body has a different routine and products that they can put on there face or body, and with so many products out on the market it can become extremely difficult to know what is best for you . So finding out about your skins health should be at the forefront of your skin care and healthy lifestyle .

One of the must have that should be a every day affair is  drinking Water . Our body’s are made up of mostly water so in order to keep the body well and get rid of any toxins that may be harmful to us is to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday . I know water some times can get really boring , believe me I drink it everyday . But I also know the benefits of having enough hydration in the body can create a wonderful looking complexion. Try to avoid soda and sugary drink as much as you can because you will see the effect on your skin and you will not be happy , those drinks also effect your over all health .

Skin health care goes hand in hand with your general heaths wellbeing . You should always do a daily cleanse and shave when needed , but sometimes doing these things over and over can damage your skins natural moisture. So its a good idea to always be aware of the changes that occur in your body and on your skin .

Heres a couple of tips to do this :

Beware of Intense Soap :  They can dry you out and sometimes give you a breakout depending on what is being use and your skin type . So find out which is best for your body, so that you can avoid irritating your skin .

Moisturize : There are alot of product on the market the can help you keep your skin soft and sexy . Have dry skin is a common problem that many people deal with everyday , once you cleanse your skin you should then put on moisturizer to keep from getting dry. As always you should find the one that suits your body and gives you the right moisture that last through out the day .

Healthy Lifestyle :  For true health and skin health you must change your lifestyle , begin by eating the right foods . There is a association between eating healthy foods and our appearance , The saying you are what you eat is the absolute truth. If you are consuming unhealthy foods it is going to show up on your face and body as break out , a rash or even worst  so make sure that you are eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

These are just a few of the things that we should be aware of when comes to our skin ,one of the worst things that we can do to our selfs is not maintain our stress levels . A high level of stress can do some much damage to our face if we don’t control it before it gets out of control . Managing your stress is something that you have to work on , because we live in a world where stress is inevitable . So a trick for doing this a Meditation.. Yes ! It works and can calm and relaxes the pressures of the day , another thing you can do is yoga. It can give you a fitness workout and also help regulate the toxins in the body to give you the gorgeous looking skin .


By Jane Lovely