Health And Beauty Tips

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old adage goes, but there are some things that you can do to your looks to assure that you are at your best. Here are some beauty tips that go a long way.
Drink lots of it! Many people do not drink enough of nature’s nectar and their bodies suffer from it. It cleanses your system and will help your skin as well as complexion. Those who smoke or drink often should really add this to your daily intake and your skin will thank you.
Look at your whole body as a temple. Those who work on their bodies and exercise and stretch regularly are often less stressed and will carry themselves with self-love and pride. This looks very attractive and a strong and svelte figure is a great canvas.
Use your natural assets to build upon, so if you have a great pucker, zone in on your lips and if your eyes really stand out, decorate them with gorgeous colors. Being able to apply your makeup well so as not to look like a clown and not to look orange are necessary factors to take into account. Some believe that they may need other means to enhance there beauty . Seeing a doctor my be an option , when looking for enhancement people go to see a plastic surgeon or a ethinic Rhinoplasty nyc.
When choosing a foundation or a powder go with a similar of slightly lighter tone to brighten your face. Some foundations can get caked into wrinkles or laugh lines so go light and choose a nice product that is not too heavy to begin with. There are some wonderful ones on the market these days. Apply powder sparingly. It can help those with oily skin but can sit on top of this skin and it can look odd, so go light and blend it in with a little pressure to smooth out the product.

Either choose your eyes as a focal point or your lips. If you do both you run the risk of looking cheap and too made up. When choosing the right products for your makeup you want to look at brightness and clarity. Using brighter colors may work well with your complexion and take years off as well. Taking the time to apply eye liner carefully, curl eyelashes and have smooth lashes will be a great start to your eyes. You may dab a bit of a lighter color at the corners or under them for a nice touch.
Consider your audience as well as the event. If you are heading to work you will not use the same colors or products that you may when you are attending a funeral or a party, so really take into account what the function of your day will be.
Remember your hands and feet. These are assets that are sometimes forgotten and taking care of your skin is a very important beauty tip. Mani-pedi whenever possible. It looks great and allows you to pamper yourself. It can also go a long way with others taking stock into how you care for yourself. Use lotions and creams to moisturize these areas often.
There are many other ways to enhance your beauty but this is a good way to start. Keep in mind that price does matter when choosing products and using hypoallergenic creams with an SPF of 15 or above will keep your skin protected. Have fun with your looks, try new things and let your personality shine. When you feel beautiful you look beautiful.


By Jane Lovely

Tips For Great Skin

tips for great skin Learn the tips for great skin and the daily routine that we  all must do for great skin is a must when you want to look your best , so  knowing how to maintaining a healthy and glowing skin all through your life is something we must know . As you grow older, your body’s natural skin care mechanisms become weaker. So taken care of your skin is about  learning your body and responding to the changing needs of your skin. Thus, care about your skin is about constantly evaluating, analyzing and changing your skin care routines. Your skin care routine should change based on the environmental conditions, your age and changes in your skin type.

Great skin tips and practices include things like applying the moisturizers while the skin is damp, using upward strokes for better penetration of skin care products, removing the make up before going to bed, cleansing before moisturizing or applying make up, using the correct amount of skin care products, etc. Thus, increasing the effectiveness of your skin care products is another focus area of serious skin care.

Knowing your skin type is one of the most important skin care tip. This is important because not every skin care product suits everyone. In fact, all the skin care products specify the type of skin they cater too.
‘Drink a lot of water’. This will not keep your skin moist but will help in overall upkeep of your health (and in turn your skin). It might seem a bit awkward to some, however, this is an important skin care tip.


Here a great infographic on tips for great skin




tips for great skin

Skin Care 101

Taking time to practice good skin care 101 should be one of the things we do every single day. Good skin care begins by knowing our own skin and by learning about the best way to take care of our skin. Our skin is one of the parts of our bodies that we should have the most concern for. It is the first thing that people see when they look at you along with your teeth.  But It probably will not take you long for you to determine whether your skin is mostly dry, mostly oily, or a combination of the two in order to know what best skin care 101 plan you should do .Good skin care is about much more than just using the right cleanser or moisturizer. There many other things that we have to do to keep and maintain beautiful looking skin every day good care of your skin also requires that you protect it from one of the environment’s most hurtful  enemy of healthy skin the sun! Healthy skin is really one of the most important ingredient to enhance ones beauty.  For some reason we  tend to associate skin care to good looks only . However, there is more to it than just that, there are multiple benefits associated with a healthy and glowing skin.  There are a lot of skin care products available and you can choose the ones that  best suits your skin type .So taking care of our skin and having a healthy lifestyle should be a priority …  Below is a great Infographic that can keep you on the right foot .

 Daily Skin Care Guide