Clear Skin Diet

clear skin dietTo have that amazing look, we have to know what it takes to be on a clear skin diet. There are so many solution for acne and dark spots an what ever else we can find over the counter . That we really don’t realize how just by changing our diet we can also get healthier looking skin too. Just like everything else that we do to feel good , liking shopping for that new hot outfit. So we look great on the outside , you have to take care of your insides as well . By eating the right  for foods for our diet and health,  it will give us the  clear skin that we are looking for .

A must for the clear skin diet , even though it is not a diet is to get you beauty sleep. You need at least 7 uninterrupted restful sleeping to help keep you skin looking gorgeous. We live in such a fast pace world that for us to get any rest at all is wonderful, but we must get to bed early enough to give the body what it needs to stay healthy. It is said that our stress levels increase when we don’t get the full nights rest that is required for our body and brain to operate the right way. Which then leads to it showing up on skin and most noticeable our face so get your rest, It will benefit your skin fitness .

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We also must incorporate a workout plan , to help us get healthy clear skin. I know you really don’t want to go to the gym or lift weights , but you don’t have to there are many different ways that you can workout without have to do those things . Like a spin class, dancing , walking, aerobics or lite Cardio work . Anyone of these activity will work wonders on your skin , do keep in mind that sweat from exercise can also lead to breakouts and skin irritation for some people with sensitive skin . Because of the sweat on the clothing and the toxins that are being released . So it is a good idea to make sure that you shower after you sweat and moisturize that sexy skin of yours.

Another great tip for a clear skin diet , is to …?  You guessed it drink your water daily , There are so many benefits to water that I can’t even say it all on this post . But just by drinking 8 cups of water or 1 liter of the big bottle of any water of your chosen will have your skin glowing with sexy appeal. It will flush out your body of all of the toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside out .

Make sure that you are cleansing and exfoliating daily , because the skin grows as we are living beings and it needs to be maintained in the right way.  It is said that dry skin has tiny cracks in which bacteria can breed, plus excessive flaking can lead to clogged oily pores that will then become a breakout or something worst. So by keeping a clear skin diet we can avoid some of these things from happening.

Below are a list of some of the health foods that will  keep your skin beautiful.

1. Oily fish like salmon or tuna

2. Almonds

3.Orange juice

4.Sunflower seeds

5.Raspberries and Chia seeds

Those are just a few of the best foods to help your clear skin diet on track .


By Jai