Laser Acne Treatment

laser acne treatment








Laser acne treatment is a great solution if you are tired of dealing with your acne on a daily basis. Laser treatments work by treating the causes of pimples, not just the visible results. They usually target oil production and bacteria, so if your acne is mainly caused by hormones, laser treatment will not be as effective. However, if your acne has persisted for years and does not respond to topical creams or medications, laser treatment may be the safe and effective treatment you are seeking.

There are a number of treatments for acne on the market today. Some can be purchased over the counter, whereas others require a prescription. This includes topical bactericidals, topical and oral antibiotics, topical and oral retinoids, hormonal treatments and laser treatments. As antibiotics have become increasingly ineffective due to overuse, we are seeing an increase in acne laser treatments.

More and more people are opting for acne laser treatments today to remove acne or acne scarring. People who are considering acne laser treatment, should keep in mind that this sort of treatment really should be considered as a last resort. Treatment of severe acne scars depends on their shape, depth, and location.

laser acne treatment

Lasers are also used to fight breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria living in your skin. This bacteria occurs naturally in the oils of your skin, but too much bacteria can lead to spots. Because it lives deep in the skin, it is not reached simply by washing your face. There are antibiotics available to fight the bacteria, but laser acne treatments take just a few short visits to your dermatologist, whereas the medications must be taken daily. By killing off these bacteria, laser treatments can provide long-lasting relief from your skin condition.

While most acne treatments only work on the visible effects, laser treatments go to the cause of the problem. The lasers used to treat acne target the skin bacteria and oil-producing glands, two of the main causes of spots. Because of this, it is often effective if other treatment options do not seem to be working. Many people have given up hope that their spots would ever go away, only to be pleasantly surprised by the results of laser treatments.
Other methods for clearing up your complexion, such as chemical peels or dermabrasions, require a recovery period. Laser acne treatments have the advantage of zero recovery time; you can return to your normal life immediately following treatment. Many people even undergo laser treatments on their lunch breaks. It takes just a few minutes, and afterwards you’ll be free from the daily hassle of medications or topical creams.

The advantages of laser acne treatment for scars is that it is easier to be control the depth of treatment than most other treatments. Some people undergoing this procedure only have surface scars and do not require deep treatment to fix. Other people have very deep scars and need a deeper laser penetration. Laser acne treatment is the most successful way to treat your scars uniquely.The recovery period for laser acne treatment all depends on the amount of treatment you required. Most people will experience swelling and some redness. The swelling usually goes away a lot faster than the redness, which can last for weeks after the treatment. Commonly, your doctor will also give you a topical ointment to apply to your skin following the laser treatment.


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